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Emerging Green Builders (EGB)

WE ARE a university-based organization of students and young professionals intent on cultivating future green building leaders.

OUR VISION is to lead the way in green building on campus, in the community, and beyond.

OUR MISSION is to create an interdisciplinary network of emerging green building leaders. We will connect our members to students, faculty, and industry professionals through group meetings, speaker events, and green building conferences.



The Emerging Green Builders group at UW Madison was brought about by local students interested in leading a sustainable future. Several EGB groups exist throughout the country.  Emerging Green Builders is a committee of the US Green Building Council, and the EGB groups are all associated with the local chapters and affiliates of USGBC.  Our local affiliate to USGBC is the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance .

UW Students involved in environmental studies, business, engineering, architecture, and design now have an opportunity to expose themselves to green building principles outside of the classroom. As a cross dicipline student organization, the EGB group of UW Madison intends to educate and inform members of the organization along with the general public about sustainable building practices. A network of individuals currently involved in green building efforts have greatly contributed to the formation of the local EGB group. The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance ( WGBA ) has served to provide the new student group with the resources necessary for a successful beginning.

Sustainable Outcomes

Some reasons you may want to join our organization include:

- Working to reduce the environmental impact resulting from construction activity

- Advancing the implementation and utilization of energy and water resources

- Learning what impact buildings have on the local and global environment

- Meeting local professionals who are practicing sustainable design

- Get hands-on green design and construction experiance


Membership Benefits

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