Help Lead The Emerging Green Builders in Madison

We are currently developing additional leadership positions and responsibilities. If you are interested in helping out please e-mail uwegb@cae.wisc.edu, or one of the Co-Chairs for more information.


Current EGB Leaders

Co-Chair Co-Chair
Jenny Levin Ritchie Lyon
e-mail: jlevin2@wisc.edu e-mail: rlyon@wisc.edu
Events Coordinator Education Chair
Danielle Shepard Blake Anderson
e-mail: dpshepard@wisc.edu e-mail: bianderson@wisc.edu
Volunteering Coordinator Treasurer
Steven Pegelow Ivan Kuxhause  
e-mail: spegelow@wisc.edu e-mail: diazkuxhause@wisc.edu  
Abby Davidson    
e-mail: asdavidson@wisc.edu    
Current EGB Advisors
WGBA Advisor UW Faculty Advisor
Tate Walker John S. Nelson
WGBA Board Member Adjunct Professor
Energy Center of Wisconsin  


Jim Wildman
Miron Construction
Past EGB Leaders


Christopher Kohl

Founding Co-Chair, Spring 2006

Seve Ponce de Leon


Co-Chair, Fall 2006 - Spring 2008
Christina Urch Membership Coordinator, Fall 2006 Amanda Perdzock

Visibility Coordinator
2007 - 2008

Connor Jansen Events Coordinator, Fall 2007    
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