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The Student Union Initiative is a campaign run by the Wisconsin Union.
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History in the Making!

The Student Union Initiative passed 1691 to 915.

Union South is falling apart and Memorial Union is in dire need of renovations. Here is our chance to replace Union South with a state-of-the-art green building that we can be proud of.

Why replace Union South? Union South was designed to last for the 30 years. It is past this age, and the longerm costs of necessary renovations and upkeep are greater than it would be to replace the building with one that will last generations. Memorial Union as stood the test of time, and is still an example of how Unions should be built. This referendum would replace Union South with a new South Campus Union that will likewise be an example of not only superior design, but performance.

The Union is operated and controlled by students, and likewise the new South Campus Union design will be steared by a student design committee.

As a student group, we support the efforts to design the new South Campus Union to be as green as possible. Design goals include pushing beyond the Platinum LEED certification level to be truly sustainable using cutting edge technology and time-tested design strategies.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students of our generation to make our mark on this great University for all future classes - as well as gain first-hand experiance in cutting-edge green design.

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